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What's on your WALL?

November 28, 2012  •  2 Comments

I am a mom that loves to display our family memories. Growing up I have a handful of formal images of my family through the years. It's not that we weren't close, we were always together, but professional photography wasn't a priority within our small budget.

Do you remember how horribly generic yearbook pictures can be? That is my photographic history. Those are how I will be known to future generations. THAT is not going to be the way my kids will feel in the future. Obviously it helps that I'm a photographer, but I want to capture not only milestones but actual lifestyle images to capture who they are at each stage of life.

Lately, it seems like such a bargain to go with the photographer that will give you every image they take throughout your session. But honestly, I don't want to see myself blinking, looking chubby, their under or overexposure or over editing mucking up images. What I DO want is to be able to have images that showcase my kid's personalities and quirks that I can DISPLAY. I'm not against digital files, which is why I include a digital back up for all of my printed images 5X7 and up, so that there is always an archive. BUT what I don't want for myself or for my clients, is for the images that you love, the images that move you--to sit on a disk somewhere stashed in a computer desk.

I want you to be able to view the images each day and smile. I want you to be able to share these moments with your friends and family, and yes facebook is a grand way to do that in sometimes pixelated clunkiness.

However, when you invite someone into your home they are given a glimpse into what you consider a priority. It is your sanctuary, your comfort zone and your place to be you.

My home may be a little cluttered with kid stuff, full of big comfy furniture, but you bet right when you guessed that the walls are full of beautiful art and wonderful memories by way of photography.

So you may not be the traditional "frame" type, here are a few examples from my home of ways to show off my little ones:


Sleek yet Masculine: Metal Prints

These are 100% man approved. The image is actually printed on to a thin sheet of metal. It's a little edgy and a lot cool. The metal shines through giving a beautiful luster that brings a special vibrancy to an otherwise cold material. They are slick and durable.

metal print alamogordo wall art Frame with Flavor: There are classic wood frames, and then there are more decor enhanced options as well. I like traditional with a little spice. This simple whitewashed barnwood inspired frame adds a tweed faux mat accent that adds to the personalizing of my wall art. There are a wide variety of "luxe" shaped frames on the market today. I offer my clients style assistance when it comes to selecting how to best feature their photo art.

alamogordo wall art photography

Crisp & Clear: Acrylic--My new love affair. alamogordo child portraits I find that in Alamogordo my clients tend to be a little more traditional, yet there are many of the young families that would love the options of something a little more sleek, modern and fresh. I give you: Acrylic prints. These beautiful showcase pieces are actually more affordable than a lot of the traditional matted and framed wall art options. I am firmly on team Canvas Gallery Wrap, well I have been for several years now anyway. I may be switching things up in my own home decor now that I have found a vendor that truly understands that printing on the acrylic will zap the saturation and clarity. This company has offered a fine art print mounted to the acrylic, backed by a solid mounting board and finished off with a wood frame & wire hanging. This thing could hang in a museum. I LOVE it. LOVE. I can't wait to expand my collection.

alamogordo high quality acrylic print

And finally, my old standby, the true classic: Canvas Gallery Wraps.

Alamogordo Canvas Gallery Wrap Gallery wraps are a beautiful way to display your images. It has the fine art feel, but in an approachable way. And when I tell my clients, that bigger is better: I live it. I mean it. Toss a 11X14 up behind your couch or on your mantle and that "huge" art piece doesn't look so massive anymore! My living room has a gallery of wraps displayed together for a collage effect. I have 2 16X20s, a 12X18, a 11X14 and four 8X8s up on a single photo wall. The bad boy hanging in my dining room is actually larger than life, as demonstrated by my (then) five year old. A large wrap like this is going to carry a hefty price tag, BUT I always let my clients know when my vendors are offering discounts so that I can pass the savings on to you. I truly want you to have the biggest, best, images displayed prominently in your home because I know that they will brighten your day; every single day.

I'm not saying that everyone is going to go photo crazy like me! But what I want you to know is that there are SO many options out there, and it makes all the difference to your children to know that THEY are valuable and they are a priority in your life. There are studies that have been done on the feeling of inclusion of children whose images are displayed throughout their home. Massive displays may not be in your budget, but truly, if you're going to spend money on images don't hide them on a disk to gather dust. Show those beauties off!


Very informative! Thanks for Sharing
Carrie Fette(non-registered)
I love this! I think we, as clients, tend to want numbers in images and forget the reason we are having photos made! Memories! Wonderful blog post! Thank you for sharing!
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