Hi, I'm Loni. Welcome! Beginning with the obvious, of course I love creating portraits with a little extra oomph. It is a fun challenge to be able to capture each individual's personality and each groups dynamic into images. I strive to give you variety and beautiful images that will earn places on your walls and in your hearts. One of the aspects of being a photographer that I enjoy most is getting to know my clients on a personal level through our sessions. I would love to be your go-to photographer. My goal is not to get through a session as quickly as possible to simply move on to the next. I want to earn your business for years to come through quality customer service, beautiful images and a fun experience. It is so fabulous to make connections with my clients and watch their relationships and children grow over time, it is truly the greatest compliment.

I have recently relocated back to my home state of Utah, and I'm absolutely thrilled about the location and scenery options that are afforded to us here. I was raised in Brigham City, so naturally that became an obvious choice for me to return to when life through me a curve ball and I became a single mom of three. I will am looking forward to shooting in and around Northern Utah (Logan, Brigham, Ogden, Layton, & SLC) I will also be adding travel dates as they come available for Central and Southern Utah. (As a former Snow College Badger, and Southern Utah University Thunderbird I am well-versed with the state as a whole!)

I have been working professionally as a photographer, specializing in portraiture for over five years now. I am a registered member of PPA (Professional Photographers Association) and abide by the highest of standards in my industry. I love owning my distinct aesthetic style and technical skill. I'm always researching new techniques, attending seminars and workshops and honing my craft to improve my art. I work hard, and I am never satisfied with simply staying put. It is important to me to always be learning and growing in all that I do!

I can confidently say that I am ready to tackle whatever photographic challenge you want to throw my way! I stand behind my work, always.

I do love to travel and Destination weddings are a personal favorite for me. I have captured nuptials in Utah, Texas, California, Idaho and New Mexico so far and would love to grow that list with other states and countries!

Because there is more to photography than a carefully worded schpeal about loving your camera and taking pictures straight from the womb, here are some random factoids about me:

  • I'm a mom of three, my twins came as a bit of a surprise and a sweet bonus in my life.

  • My kids are hilarious, if you friend my personal Facebook you'll find a stream of funny stories about my little people, they absolutely keep me on my toes. I'm sure you'll hear a few tales during our sessions together!
  • I grew up the smack dab middle of five kids. So I've battled for attention my whole life and also learned patience and to be a peacemaker or get lost in the fray.
  • I am one of those people you've heard about that actually was a Theatre major in college. (My actual degree is a B.S. in Theatre Arts, which I find hilarious!)
  • I have always loved imagery, I'm a very visual person and find myself doodling when my mind wanders. I love to create and to write, so I always try to incorporate stories into my images.
  • I'm a sucker for fashion, dance and music, though I've never been super skilled at them I have a great appreciation for those arts. And I will sing my heart out, even though I'm not particularly skilled I just can't help myself sometimes :)
  • I love to travel, and I find road trips to be awesome as long as I can turn up the radio and sing my guts out.
  • I'm a big reader, I was actually an English Lit. minor.
  • Game nights are one of my favorite things ever, and my competitive side might sneak out just a little.
  • I also wholly believe in the need for Girl's Nights Out, Family Movies In & Game Nights.
  • As a Utah girl at heart, I love mountains and the outdoors.
  • My favorite duty station while my husband was in the Air Force was Hickam, we loved living in Hawaii.
  • My late teens and early twenties resume was pretty entertaining: I've worked as a Drama camp counselor in Los Angeles, an R.A. at my dorms, as an assistant in a wood-working shop, at a Children's Museum, as a salesperson (for knives, pampered chef, newspaper ads & a furniture store), I wrote a weekly military spouse column and I even worked as a plus size model before going pro with my photography. I was a professional dabbler for a very long time but love that I settled on something where I am able to create daily!

I love that I get to meet people that have lists that are more interesting than my own, so tell me about what makes you YOU and let's figure out how to show off your personality through our session!