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What has been missing from your portrait sessions? I’ve seen your Pinterest boards, I know what images you share on facebook because they are too precious for words. They are full of whimsical and romantic and syrupy sweet moments that look like they're torn straight out of a magazine. But that’s not what is hanging on your walls—yet. They have them, why can’t you? You can. However, there are a few things that you need to commit to in order to make them happen. The simple answer is to hire an artist capable of producing the quality of artwork you want. That’s the most important factor but there are just a few more things you should know, too.

How do you get that beautiful story telling moment? How does your family get the shot of mom laughing, dad looking adoringly at her and little man acting like a big shot?

First thing’s first: they actually have to happen! Shocking, I know, but when people are disappointed with group images it is typically because it is a picture of individuals simply standing in close proximity to one another. That is not much of a family picture. That is people awkwardly sharing air and a gene pool. Interaction and connection are what differentiate a “pose” from a “moment.”

Potential new clients often come to me thoroughly disappointed by their last family photo experience. As easy as it would be, I can’t always blame the photographer before me. If the technical aspects of your last session were correct but there was simply a little bit of soul missing, you might have played a teensy role in the issue. (Hear me out!) Did you connect with the photographer? Did you trust them to lead your action when you were unsure? When they prompted your actions did you cuddle? Did you snuggle? Did you tease? Did you laugh? Did you tousle that darling freckled boy’s hair? Did you give your precious baby girl a sweet kiss on her forehead? If it didn’t happen, then there’s absolutely no way it could have been captured no matter how skilled the photographer you hire.

Sure, the past photographer is on the hook for allowing bland photographs to continue instead of trying different approaches to get the quality of interaction that makes for sentimentally strong images. I can certainly direct motions play-by-play to replicate an exact pose, but more often than not the image is going to fall flat because it lacks authenticity if the subjects are only hesitantly cooperating.

Our session is going to be more effective if I can observe your natural interaction and tweak it with simple suggestions to make a better shot. I can lead you there. But me telling you to put your arm around your child is going to have a very different outcome than if I say, “C’mon Mom love on that boy!” and see how that plays out for you. From there I can always say, “Alright, hold that, now glance this way, slow down…” And make minor adjustments to what is already happening all the while keeping that genuine moment alive.


My whole goal as a professional is to get you the pictures that you want! I want you to have the beautiful conversation-starting, awe-inducing images to display lovingly in your home. I take cues from you as to how much or how little direction you are looking for in your session. I don’t mind coaching that is an important part of my job. But you, also, have to bring it.

Yes, I said it, and I mean it: Bring it. Bring positivity, bring energy, bring flexibility, bring joy! I assure you I will always do the same. That is my partnership promise. No matter how introverted or shy you may be, as long as you bring a genuine happiness to our session it will shine through your images.

You as the client have to be present in the moments. (Not stressing out over arriving late, your hair not working quite perfect, a little muffin-top overhang or whatever other stress is on your brain as a parent.) Just be present, be playful and enjoy the moments together.

This is so much easier when you genuinely connect with and like your photographer. There are so many choices out there for you, there is no reason to settle on someone that you don't "click with." You choose whom you give your business, why not support someone that you genuinely like as an artist AND as a person? (And you know what, that might not always be me--and that's fine!) A photographer could be the most talented artist, but if they don't value your time or treat you with respect does the end product override the experience? Or you may know the sweetest person ever, but their shots aren't in focus or are never lit properly. Will you be satisfied with those images? You are paying for a service, expect it to be provided professionally.

Another question to ask yourself when your past images have fallen short of expectations: Did you communicate what you wanted? If you are seeking a specific style does that fall in line with what you’ve seen from your photographer’s portfolio? Were you confident that they are technically capable of what you are seeking? It can’t just be a great idea. It also needs to be in the wheelhouse of the artist behind the camera.  A lot of photographers welcome the use of inspiration boards, as long as there is an understanding that images will not be replicated detail by detail. That is plagiarism and is a no-no. Hire someone because they have the ability to see what inspires you and bring their own version of that to your session.

Now back to the fun stuff, those magic moments of interaction! A lot of it is about opening up your personal space. Some families are naturally extremely playful and a photographer might not even need to direct any of the action. Not all families are blessed with natural comfort in body language but that doesn’t mean those images can’t happen for them. Simply create a task or an activity to bring them together naturally.

Working together on a task will generate a range of interaction that can bring about those special moments. Pick something you think would be fun to do together as a family. Make & decorate cookies, build & fly a kite, have a picnic on a blanket in the park or sit together and read a story and prepare for bedtime. These types of activities are commonly featured in “lifestyle” photography.

Are you still not exactly comfortable with the idea of getting close on camera? I’m going to give you homework: practice. If you are not naturally a cuddly person, for the week leading up to your photo session start with small physical contact and get yourself more comfortable with a casual touch. This could be brushing the hair out of your daughter’s eyes, or giving your child a shoulder squeeze when they bring home an awesome art project.





This applies to parents, too. Sometimes we fall into separate lives and the first things to slip are those darling little displays of physical attraction that melted our hearts in our early dating days. Make eyes at your partner. Squeeze his bicep as you pass in the hall. Give her a gentle “good game” on her booty.  Whisper a secret to your spouse. Hold hands. Put a hand on his thigh as he drives. It doesn’t have to be a big overt action, but take those moments to become physically comfortable with one another again. Not only will it improve your images at the end of your session, it’s going to improve the quality of your interaction as a family at home.

And the last but often most important rule when it comes to being photographed: Relax and laugh. That’s it, if you remember nothing else, just be willing to laugh! Something might feel completely awkward, and the best genuine reaction is simply responding with a lighthearted laugh at how ridiculous you feel. You laugh, others laugh; you share a moment. It will be beautiful because you are living a lovely, blessed life. That's it, those are the secret ingredients. Let's create your own personal magic moments!



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Featured NEW Products https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/10/featured-new-products  


Custom Image Box 5X7

This custom cover image box is the perfect solution for those images that you don't necessarily want on your walls--boudoir sessions I'm looking at you!--This box holds ten 5X7 styrene mounted prints of your choice. It tucks away easily, but is a luxurious and beautiful way to keep your treasured images close at hand.

This larger custom box offers a world of opportunities, it can comfortably fit a custom album or the trendy square prints. Features pictured above: custom inlay image, riser with Disk storage, and elastic closure. These are stunning and have to be felt to fully be appreciated, I would be happy to bring them to a pre-session consultation. Wedding albums have a new home!

For those clients that just can't narrow down their image selection and go with the "Want it All" package, you now have a new choice! These three USB image styles were selected specifically by me for the type of sessions I hold most dear. On the left, you will see a custom engraved crystal USB. This clear and chrome option is sexy, it's modern and would be perfect for boudoir sessions and even weddings.  Center, you will notice a beautiful bamboo box holding a bamboo and metal USB drive. So many of my family sessions begin in the great outdoors and have such a warm inviting feel that it matches perfectly with this rich, sustainable wood. And finally on the far right there is a fun and modern option for my younger clients. To me, this screams Senior Session! I love the fresh color and peekaboo window of the tin storage box. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, I'm so excited to share these awesome options because THIS is the boutique experience that I love providing you. Fab color choices and hot tin storage case with peekaboo window. A Senior Session must-have!

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Seaman Family Session in the Mountains https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/10/seaman-family-session-in-the-mountains  

This family is beyond adorable! I was lucky enough to meet Nicole through our local MOPs program and have loved watching her interact with her darling family ever since. These girls are so talkative and well spoken, and the boys have that spark of determination in their eyes behind everything they do. (Yes, including the baby!) They introduced me to this gorgeous area and I simply fell in love! Thanks for brightening up my day :) Enjoy!

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo Alamogordo NM Alamogordo Photographer Family Portrait Professional Portrait https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/10/seaman-family-session-in-the-mountains Wed, 02 Oct 2013 15:37:12 GMT
"At Play" A short film featuring the Newby kiddos https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/8/-at-play-a-short-film Some people have home videos, some have a collection of assorted cell phone videos; but some people can have ART. I love that I am able to capture the essence of my children's personalities in a way that we will treasure for years to come as they grow. The good news is that you don't have to be a photographer to have this experience, you just need to take the opportunity to hire one! ;) I offer children's fusion videos as well as full family--that means you can get in on the gig. I love these lifestyle, candid films. These film intensive sessions can take as little as 90 minutes or more in depth scripted tales can take several days to utilize various locations and wardrobes featuring many activities.

I don't know about you, but my house and my life don't look like my Pinterest boards. My children are not always angels. But they are amazing in their authenticity. I love every ounce of energy they have to burn!

It's life! It's real, and it is BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy :) At Play

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo Alamogordo NM Alamogordo Photographer Family Newborn Portrait Professional Portrait https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/8/-at-play-a-short-film Mon, 19 Aug 2013 22:25:23 GMT
The boldness to jump without hesitation! https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/8/the-boldness-to-jump-without-hesitation


I love my daughter! She is absolutely fearless, headstrong and stubborn. Each day is an adventure and she pushes to the limit in all of the ways that can drive a mom insane but also gives hope that no one is ever going to put baby in a corner! Go get 'em girl :)


Photo Challenge Submission]]>
[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo Alamogordo NM Alamogordo Photographer Family Portrait Professional Portrait challenge faces heart i jump https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/8/the-boldness-to-jump-without-hesitation Sat, 10 Aug 2013 02:11:48 GMT
Two at Three; a day in the life of my twins https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/5/two-at-three-a-day-in-the-life-of-my-twins This was my first endeavor creating a video from scratch. I of course am madly in love with the subjects since they are my precious twins. This is an example of what I would love to create for the families that I photograph. I am beginning to offer an inclusive package that will track family interaction over several hours, these are a luxury upgrade that will not suit every family's budget because of the custom editing and legally licensed songs it is not something that I can offer alongside basic sessions. But, you will have a custom short film of your family as they truly are. We will design a storyboard to follow your family completing a task or doing an activity. I hope you agree that these precious moments of my children in their true form are well worth every penny and every hour of editing. I see them as they are today, they will not be the same in a year or even a matter of months. Kids grow so fast, if you blink you could miss it all!

Two at Three

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo NM Alamogordo Photographer Family Film Fusion Short Video video https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/5/two-at-three-a-day-in-the-life-of-my-twins Thu, 23 May 2013 14:30:00 GMT
Small Town Girl, Big Time Beauty! https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/5/small-town-girl-big-time-beauty  

When I moved to Alamogordo, I feared that there would be no "model market" but then a fellow photographer friend introduced me to the lovely Chelsea. Not only is she a stunning woman, she has a good head on her shoulders and is a genuinely sweet person. I love working with models simply because that is where my true passion for the photographic industry began, when the tables were turned.

Backlight beauty

There was a time in my life when I was the one in front of the camera, I was mildly successful as a plus size model. It was a lovely era in my life and I was able to learn so much about myself and my confidence, so it brings back wonderful memories but also fuels me to help in any way that I can to help polish that diamond so that she can shine! I have insider information because I have been there and done that, I know what agents want to see. I know what clients are looking for, I know how to accentuate facial features that will make you stand out against another similar model.

simple beauty


This industry is tough, there are a lot of sharks out there ready and willing to take advantage of those that simply don't know better. I don't want to see that happen to anyone else! If you're investing in a photographer, make absolutely certain that the images that you are receiving are YOU. That means, yes they can be enhanced, skin can be smoothed, eyes are shined up like diamonds. But, if you can't walk into the agency and be recognized as the girl in the pictures, they will laugh and tell you to start over and maybe come back in six months. It is important  to know when a nip and tuck is appropriate and when it is far too extreme and can actually damage your chances for success. Chelsea has put a great deal of faith in my knowledge and has been an awesome "student" of sorts. She takes direction so well and is always ready and willing to push the limits.


If you or someone you love is interested in pursuing modeling, acting, music or entering pageants I have the ability to help you reach your goals if you are willing to put your trust in me. I offer everything from simple clean head shots to dramatic fashion imagery and full portfolio builds. Alamogordo may be a small town, but with Phoenix, Denver & Dallas in our region there is print and catalog work out there. Albuquerque is booming in the film industry and has a strong music and art influence. The opportunities are there, if you reach out for them.

If you are serious about getting into the performance industry and want to put your best foot forward, give me a call and we can get to the nitty gritty and get you on your way!




[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Actors Alamogordo Alamogordo fashion Model Models Pageants Singers https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/5/small-town-girl-big-time-beauty Wed, 22 May 2013 16:58:00 GMT
Sue taught me... https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/5/Sue I had the most amazing, incredible and other assorted adjectives experience all the way back in March. I've had many opportunities to talk about this, but it's been difficult to put into words. I was selected from 650+ applicants to attend a live broadcast of the educational website creativeLIVE.com this is an amazing outlet for all sorts of creative minded people, particularly photographers. It is a free resource for some of the greatest instructors and educators in our industry to step forward and share their wealth of knowledge. The teacher for my course: Sue freaking Bryce.

I know, unless you're a photographer or have been one of her subjects you're probably not familiar with the name. But once you see her work, you know it's Sue. Once you hear her speak, you know you're hers. If there ever was an educational enchantress her name would be Sue Bryce.

In Aug. of 2012 I drove eight hours out of my way to take part in a mini two day workshop called WPPI-U, the decision was made to do so solely because of a single speaker. Of course there were others that drew me in, provided me with invaluable information for my business and for my art. But no one touches your heart and speaks as genuinely as Sue. So her hour long keynote speech was worth the re-route and rescheduling. I even missed my oldest child's first day of first grade. Don't throw rocks at me! I was there for preschool and kindergarten, and this was the kick in the pants that I needed for my business. All that for AN HOUR of her time.

Fast forward to March--I would be there in person with Sue for TWO whole days. TWO DAYS. This time it wasn't just going to be a motivational, go-fight-win speech. It was the real deal. Breaking down your business pitfalls to the point that no excuses can stand. It was brutal, and I desperately needed every second of it.

You see, I love what I do very much. But, I can't simply give it away. I value myself, my talent, my hardwork, my years of studying and learning count for something! In fact I had my excuses stripped away in front of 50 audience members, 10+ staffers and the entire watching web-audience throughout the world. I NEEDED THAT.

I have an amazing talent to offer, and I so desperately wanted to share it that I was servicing the entirely wrong audience. My clients value the art of our collaborations, they appreciate the entire experience I offer and they want to have tangible memories hung on their walls. My clients aren't running to the kodak kiosk at walmart to print our pictures. Because I don't "take pictures" I create moments. I don't buy into groupon prints and canvases, I've shopped tradeshows with the best to offer in the industry and selected individual vendors for the products that I offer. It's more work for me to utilize many different companies when I could easily do it all through one. But, what you get matters to me. How long it lasts, how true it is to what I created and whether or not you'll be able to pass it along to our children matters to me.  So I'm NOT the photographer offering 15 minutes for $25. That is ridiculous. That is not a business. That is not even a lemonade stand. I cannot and will not partake in such silliness, because what I do and what I can offer my clients is so much more important than that.

I've really known this information all along, I just didn't know that I was allowed to give myself permission to feel that way!Sue Audience

The next most amazing thing that I was in no way prepared for was to meet the incredible men and women that were there amongst the studio audience with me. We shared such a cathartic experience that we have bonded in ways that are unexplainable. We laid ourselves out bare boned to build ourselves back up with the amazing guidance that Sue offered.

It's taken me this long to come to a place where I can actually even talk about the whole thing because it was that personal and insightful. I have the steps I need to take, the path drawn out before me for success I simply have to choose to keep walking it every single day. And honestly I want that. I think you as supporters and clients want that, too.

This was life changing, and believe it or not, it was just the start of my week. Did I mention this lead up to my very first WPPI experience? 16,000 photographers in a single space for a week, yeah that is another blog waiting to happen!

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo Photographer Las Sue Bryce Vegas WPPI Webcast creativeLIVE https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/5/Sue Sat, 11 May 2013 06:35:58 GMT
Official 2013 LNP Session Guide https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/2/official-2013-lnp-session-guide Here is a basic overview of what you will be experiencing when you choose Loni Newby Photography. Click "Expand" to enlarge the magazine. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

For more information on the Glam Luxe Experience check this issuu out!
Thank you! I hope you enjoy this visual introduction to what Loni Newby Photography (LNP) offers. If you feel like we're a good fit I would love to chat with you more and answer any additional questions you may have, or customize a package for you. Hope to hear from you soon! -Loni]]>
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A Wintery Wedding in Beautiful Utah https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/1/a-wintery-wedding-in-beautiful-utah  

I would like to introduce you all to Karlee & Jason Adams.

Brigham City Temple

This darling couple put a lot of faith in me, knowing that getting to Utah in a terrible winter is definitely a risk for air travel. However, as with everything about this wedding the heavens were smiling down upon all involved. I was able to fly in and create a series of bridals and spend a gorgeous, chilly day with them as they joined their lives together. This couple is very strong in their faith and had an LDS temple wedding, which is an incredibly sacred ceremony. So much so that cameras are not permitted. This was something that they worked very hard to attain and I commend their choice. This also makes all of the images throughout the remainder of the day that much more important. I have known Karlee since she was born, she is my cousin. And we grew up in a very tight knit extended family where Sunday dinners weren't just a once a year, or even once a month activity. I've seen her grow from the tiniest baby that I loved lugging around in my babysitting days; to seeing her blossom into the gorgeous, strong and incredibly smart woman that she is today. In short, I adore this girl. Seeing how happy she is with Jason truly makes my heart sing. I cannot congratulate the two of you enough! Thank you again for inviting me to share in your day, the pleasure was all mine.  ~Loni Prepared traditional moment romance wedding party dance Daddy daughter Moments


cake wide cake close details

Thank you for viewing! Please feel free to leave a comment for the couple or for me :)

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Bridals Bride Brigham Temple Brigham Utah Groom LDS Temple Marriage Traveling photographer Wedding Wedding Reception https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2013/1/a-wintery-wedding-in-beautiful-utah Thu, 10 Jan 2013 05:08:34 GMT
The Interacting Observer at Christmas https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/the-observer-at-christmas I would like to share a glimpse into my world, a true view of my perspective of MY world. My children are my everything, and this Christmas season I feel as though each moment is more precious than the last because too often I've seen families losing precious members, and their worlds change completely. So I want to give the my children something to remember how we ARE, mess and all! These are two videos with the same style but a slightly overall different feel for how I capture a day, a moment, an experience--no matter how big or small. It can simply be a day, just a regular day; or a day of celebration or a big event--The approach doesn't change. I want you to feel the moment, to be there with me.

Photojournalism at home

There are many times when I feel that I have a wall up when I have my camera up with my family, so I have made a conscious effort to shoot "from the hip" more often. I get my camera set and don't get quite into "spray and pray" mode but if I can shoot while still interacting and being mom I will do both. If I feel like my camera is making me withdraw from the moment I have learned that I can simply set it down, because as much as I value the precious moments captured through my lens. I don't want my children to be deprived of actual "mommy interaction" for the sake of some great shots. It's so interesting because as a professional photographer I am often behind the lens and interacting with my subjects/clients and have no problem, and I've realized that it is because I am not "MOM" then. I am not the person they are looking to for an okay, necessarily. I find that photographing my own children is by far the hardest (but also most rewarding) experience. These images are taken from that style that I spoke of, as if I were a fly on the wall from the camera perspective--yet I as the holder was still engaged completely in the moment. I think that's why I feel like these are special moments that I know I will treasure. So I'm inviting you all to share in some sweet family moments from the holidays with my family! Wishing you all the best this holiday season, and looking forward to an amazing new year in 2013!! How We DO Christmas

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo Alamogordo NM Alamogordo Photographer around the house christmas day christmas eve family time kids being kids opening presents https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/the-observer-at-christmas Wed, 26 Dec 2012 21:50:23 GMT
LNP: Photography & Client Resolutions for the New Year! https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/lnp-photography-client-resolutions-for-the-new-year New Year As 2012 winds down, I have been contemplating where I want to take my business in the new year. I feel that public sharing brings about accountability, and I also just want my clients to know exactly what my goals and standards are. I know that there are a million "photographers" out there, some titles are earned others are simply adopted. I want to provide a quality of product and experience that sets me apart from the pack. I also want to continue to assist those that are joining the ranks as professional photographers to understand the comings and goings of a difficult, but very worthwhile industry. I encourage all those truly passionate about their work, their family lives, etc. to take a few moments and write out your goals and promises. Even if you never plan on showing a single person. It is a very powerful experience to put it all in writing! Wishing you all the best this holiday season, looking forward to an amazing new year with you in 2013! -Loni

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo NM Business I resolve Motto New Year's Resolution Promises https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/lnp-photography-client-resolutions-for-the-new-year Mon, 24 Dec 2012 00:08:28 GMT
Holidays around the Newby House https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/holidays-around-the-house

This year has been a challenging one, but every obstacle has caused me to learn and grow. I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my talents with many families so that they too may have lasting memories. I honestly can't believe how much the kids have grown in a year!

Blink and life changes!!

Christopher Pop-in-kins

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Children Family Christmas Newsletter Update https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/holidays-around-the-house Thu, 20 Dec 2012 06:26:21 GMT
Hug a little tighter {Children's Photographer} https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/hug-a-little-tighter-childrens-photographer Hug your friend

Have you ever considered allowing someone to be a fly on the wall in your home? I'm not talking about reality TV. What I'm proposing is a photojournalist approach to capturing your life. We are constantly filled with that subconscious desire to compete, because we see what everyone else is doing constantly via facebook, twitter and instagram. Heaven knows I can't keep up with the projects that pinterest has brought to my attention! But what if we put that all aside. What if you allowed someone to capture you AS YOU. Not dressed up in matching sweaters, posed in a way that you'd never stand in real life. Don't get me wrong, portraiture is beautiful, and I love being able to provide those images to families for wall displays and gifts for friends and extended family. But, have you ever considered allowing someone to showcase your story, in your element. These photojournalistic style images are about your lifestyle. They show dynamics & activities. They show love for one another. And without any elaborate props or the most current fashion trends, they can be beautiful in their own right. It's real life, only better composed. ;) These Illustrative (photojournalism + portraiture) images truly tell your story in a simply beautiful way. Just a little something different to consider!

After all, time is flying, your kids are growing each and every day just like mine. Each year I create an album to narrate illustratively our year in review, it's funny how often those images cause the most emotional response because they are true. They are authentic. They may not be fancy, or cutesy or trendy but they demonstrate just who my kids are to their core.

hanging out Dirt and All hiya!

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo Alamogordo NM Alamogordo Photographer family lifestyle photojournalism real life photography https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/12/hug-a-little-tighter-childrens-photographer Thu, 06 Dec 2012 15:30:00 GMT
Christmas Tree: Ho-Ho-How To Bring the Style https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/11/christmas-tree-ho-ho-how-to  

Tis' the season: to post pictures of your Christmas Tree on facebook! Everyone seems to be featuring their own artistic interpretation of their perfect evergreen. Whether you are a fresh cut, natural family or the faux fir type; why not spice up your Tree Tribute a bit? Here are some simple ideas for the newest photographer on up to the pros.

Get Reflective:

I used the reflection of my trimmed tree in the decorative glass of my front door. Other ideas, using the reflection from a hanging picture, mirror or even the television screen. Choose to focus on the "real thing" or the reflection and allow the counterpart to blur out of focus for an artistic touch.

Choose a New Perspective:

Shoot from above, shoot from below, or shoot through the middle of your tree! This image is shot downward through the branches featuring an accent on the tree skirt. The key here is featuring something specific and special to you, whether it be an ornament, a tree skirt or your tree topper. Christmas Skirt

Dim the Lights:

I love how just turning off the overhead light and using only the tree lights (and in this case the light of the fire) to really set a mood. All this scene needs is a plate of cookies and a glass of milk to really be the night before Christmas.

dim the lights


By knocking out all ambient light and opting for a relatively short shutter time, to simply pick up the glow of the tree lights you can easily create a very moody feeling for your tree image.

Do it Dark

So Close; But so Far:

This option is a close up of a specific area of the tree, however using manual focus to intentionally blur everything. It's like beer goggles for photography. These firefly inspired lights are fabulous to use as blog backgrounds, or faded elements behind type on christmas cards, etc. So Close but so Far


You've heard the word, you've seen some examples. You may not understand it but you know it's hot hot HOT! Here are some samples of varying levels of bokeh (aka light balls). The easiest way to get this effect is to use a tripod, but if you don't have one find a chair or a flat stable surface to hold your camera. And here's the hardest step: take your camera off of Auto mode, if you have a dslr turn off the autofocus on your lens. Your camera tries to be smarter than you, it tries to find focus because it doesn't realize that what you WANT isn't actually in focus. This is also one time where I recommend using the live-view feature because it's so easy to see those light balls expand and glow when you enter into bokeh-land.

Light touch Bokeh--still enough focus to present a dream-like scene. light touch bokeh

Getting Ballsy--

The image now lacks definition aside from the balls of light which still create the general shape of the tree. gettin Ballsy

Hot'n Heavy--

Obviously if you've worked a great deal on the fine details of your tree, you're not going to want to go this bokeh crazy! But you can really push the limits and create a beautiful abstract by bumping that bokeh even further! hot n heavy

Finally, if you have a cool feature--show it off!

This year we went with a rotating tree, it spins, it's slow and we have to remember to actually decorate the back of the tree this time. But by utilizing a tripod and a 10 second exposure I was able to capture the motion. spinning tree In short, sure your instagram Christmas tree picture is getting likes. But, why not take a few extra steps to make something outstanding! Bring on the Holly Jolly! -Loni


PS If you enjoyed this mini-tutorial be sure to leave a note or pass it on to your friends. If you have topics you'd like for me to cover in the future send a message on over! Thanks!


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What's on your WALL? https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/11/whats-on-your-wall I am a mom that loves to display our family memories. Growing up I have a handful of formal images of my family through the years. It's not that we weren't close, we were always together, but professional photography wasn't a priority within our small budget.

Do you remember how horribly generic yearbook pictures can be? That is my photographic history. Those are how I will be known to future generations. THAT is not going to be the way my kids will feel in the future. Obviously it helps that I'm a photographer, but I want to capture not only milestones but actual lifestyle images to capture who they are at each stage of life.

Lately, it seems like such a bargain to go with the photographer that will give you every image they take throughout your session. But honestly, I don't want to see myself blinking, looking chubby, their under or overexposure or over editing mucking up images. What I DO want is to be able to have images that showcase my kid's personalities and quirks that I can DISPLAY. I'm not against digital files, which is why I include a digital back up for all of my printed images 5X7 and up, so that there is always an archive. BUT what I don't want for myself or for my clients, is for the images that you love, the images that move you--to sit on a disk somewhere stashed in a computer desk.

I want you to be able to view the images each day and smile. I want you to be able to share these moments with your friends and family, and yes facebook is a grand way to do that in sometimes pixelated clunkiness.

However, when you invite someone into your home they are given a glimpse into what you consider a priority. It is your sanctuary, your comfort zone and your place to be you.

My home may be a little cluttered with kid stuff, full of big comfy furniture, but you bet right when you guessed that the walls are full of beautiful art and wonderful memories by way of photography.

So you may not be the traditional "frame" type, here are a few examples from my home of ways to show off my little ones:


Sleek yet Masculine: Metal Prints

These are 100% man approved. The image is actually printed on to a thin sheet of metal. It's a little edgy and a lot cool. The metal shines through giving a beautiful luster that brings a special vibrancy to an otherwise cold material. They are slick and durable.

metal print alamogordo wall art Frame with Flavor: There are classic wood frames, and then there are more decor enhanced options as well. I like traditional with a little spice. This simple whitewashed barnwood inspired frame adds a tweed faux mat accent that adds to the personalizing of my wall art. There are a wide variety of "luxe" shaped frames on the market today. I offer my clients style assistance when it comes to selecting how to best feature their photo art.

alamogordo wall art photography

Crisp & Clear: Acrylic--My new love affair. alamogordo child portraits I find that in Alamogordo my clients tend to be a little more traditional, yet there are many of the young families that would love the options of something a little more sleek, modern and fresh. I give you: Acrylic prints. These beautiful showcase pieces are actually more affordable than a lot of the traditional matted and framed wall art options. I am firmly on team Canvas Gallery Wrap, well I have been for several years now anyway. I may be switching things up in my own home decor now that I have found a vendor that truly understands that printing on the acrylic will zap the saturation and clarity. This company has offered a fine art print mounted to the acrylic, backed by a solid mounting board and finished off with a wood frame & wire hanging. This thing could hang in a museum. I LOVE it. LOVE. I can't wait to expand my collection.

alamogordo high quality acrylic print

And finally, my old standby, the true classic: Canvas Gallery Wraps.

Alamogordo Canvas Gallery Wrap Gallery wraps are a beautiful way to display your images. It has the fine art feel, but in an approachable way. And when I tell my clients, that bigger is better: I live it. I mean it. Toss a 11X14 up behind your couch or on your mantle and that "huge" art piece doesn't look so massive anymore! My living room has a gallery of wraps displayed together for a collage effect. I have 2 16X20s, a 12X18, a 11X14 and four 8X8s up on a single photo wall. The bad boy hanging in my dining room is actually larger than life, as demonstrated by my (then) five year old. A large wrap like this is going to carry a hefty price tag, BUT I always let my clients know when my vendors are offering discounts so that I can pass the savings on to you. I truly want you to have the biggest, best, images displayed prominently in your home because I know that they will brighten your day; every single day.

I'm not saying that everyone is going to go photo crazy like me! But what I want you to know is that there are SO many options out there, and it makes all the difference to your children to know that THEY are valuable and they are a priority in your life. There are studies that have been done on the feeling of inclusion of children whose images are displayed throughout their home. Massive displays may not be in your budget, but truly, if you're going to spend money on images don't hide them on a disk to gather dust. Show those beauties off!

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Alamogordo Photographers: Professional Collaboration and Cooperation https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/11/alamogordo-photographers-professional-collaboration-and-cooperation  

     One of the best things about having Photographer friends is that they appreciate gorgeous moments of natural soft light that sweet cloud cover can provide. So when I got a call from Mike G. it was a fun opportunity to help him get some updated images for his business. Our styles vary quite a bit, and it is always fun to see how we approach the same environment differently. This guy is a master of on location lighting, seeing his work makes me want to try incorporate speed lights and other variations of off camera flashes into my outdoor sessions. Enjoy!

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo Photographer Portrait Professional Portrait https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/11/alamogordo-photographers-professional-collaboration-and-cooperation Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:30:00 GMT
The Boudoir Experience: Alamogordo's Private Moments https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/11/the-boudoir-experience-alamogordos-private-moments "Anyone can take pictures of women in their underwear" technically is true--However, very few photographers take the time to know how to do it WELL. There is so much more to the Art of Boudoir, than simply stripping down and putting on a pout. I take my role as photographer & art director very seriously. Because I understand that the goal of these shoots is to feel sexy, appealing, desirable, etc. I have studied lighting, composition and posing to fully understand how to present you BEST. And more than anything, it is incredibly important to me to make you feel comfortable & confident throughout the entire experience. I offer something special to those ladies in the Alamogordo, Tularosa, Cloudcroft & Holloman AFB areas: my background as a plus size model has put me in your shoes a hundred times. I know what you're feeling with any jitters, nerves or insecurities. I value your privacy, these images are for you. I appreciate all of the clients that have allowed me to share various images from their sessions. I am here to help you work through any and all reservations along the way. Please contact me to find out more about how to schedule your Boudoir Experience!Boudoir by Loni

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Welcome Sweet Spencer! {Hospital Newborn Session} https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/10/welcome-sweet-spencer-hospital-newborn-session This little boy has quite the fan club already. After all, it takes a champ to bulk up to 10 lbs 3 oz in utero, and he came out linebacker ready! I am so smitten by his cheeks, they are just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Since the Swains are good friends our hospital visit was a family affair. My kids haven't stopped talking about "that baby." So I hope Hillary and Casey are prepared for my children to try to adopt their sweet new one. I promise, we'd give him back...at some point! ;) It is so fun to see Hillary and Casey absolutely glow with pride over their first child. Spencer is adorable, congratulations guys!

[email protected] (Loni Newby Photography) Alamogordo NM Baby Hospital Mom & Baby Newborn https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/10/welcome-sweet-spencer-hospital-newborn-session Thu, 04 Oct 2012 17:27:21 GMT
Eliza Model for a Day Experience https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/9/eliza-model-for-a-day-experience Eliza {High School Session} This is the lovely Eliza, and her session was very special to me. You see, I hadn't met Eliza or her mom prior to the session. They won the model for a day (Bella Luxe) session in a silent auction that was going to benefit a cause very near and dear to my heart. My childhood friend Jan, (Janette for those who met her later in life but she will always be Jan to me!) has been battling Leukemia. Jan is a young mom of two boys, happily married to her high school sweetheart and suddenly this dreaded disease rudely interrupted her life. Jan has undergone not one, not two, but three bone marrow transplants which I can happily say has now fully taken hold! She is such a bright ray of sunshine in the lives of everyone who knows her. SO when I figured out that I would be spending time in Utah over the summer and therefore could donate of my time and talent for her auction I didn't hesitate.

That's why this session meant so much to me. I got to meet a wonderful young lady, and her sweet mom that provided her the opportunity for the shoot. And at the same time I was able to help raise some funds for the financially bogged down family of a dear childhood friend. Eliza's sparkle is so similar to Jan's it was almost eery, but I was so happy to share that experience with her! 

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Balloons, Colors & All the Sand You Need https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/9/balloons-colors-all-the-sand-you-need White Sands Hot Air Balloon Invitational 2012

There are so many things in life that bring out the kid in me, giant hot-air filled balloons floating about the sky just so happens to be one of them! So Saturday morning, despite my general lack of love for early mornings, it was worth it to get my oldest son up to go spend some time together experiencing the colorful glory! We even were able to take a tethered ride up in one of the balloons. Later that evening we packed up the whole crew to attend the sunset glow. It was absolutely lovely. And the wind up the weekend I woke up far earlier this morning so that I could make it out for the sunrise balloon lift over White Sands National Monument. Absolutely worth the early rise to see the contrast of such candy-colored balloons mingling with such a simplistically beautiful sand-scape! :)  Enjoy! -Loni


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Welcome to the New, Improved Loni Newby Photography Experience https://www.loninewbyphotography.com/blog/2012/9/welcome-to-my-new-home      Loni Newby Photography has been a pet project for quite some time, I took it on as a business about four years ago but it is finally time for me to TREAT it as such. I have grown a great deal in my photographic skills over the years yet I am finally learning to value my own time and talent. I have been confident in my craft but not so much in my marketing and communication. I now fully understand that what I'm offering is a valuable service, and I am NOT someone that can be compared to the fly by night mom's with cameras looking to score some cash without alerting the IRS. I am running a business, not a lemonade stand.

     So if you are familiar with my work, I welcome you back and invite you to indulge in a few new offerings! If you are just coming to know LNP I would love to show you what I'm truly excited about! So please understand, this is not an apology or an excuse for being more expensive. I spent far too much time in my past apologizing for pricing, when I should have been educating on the value of what I have to give. I understand that now.

     Simply put, you can buy a white shirt at Walmart, Old Navy, The Gap, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Nordstrom, Armani Exchange, etc. there is going to be a significant difference in quality, workmanship and the entire shopping experience at each of these locations. I will never be Walmart on a sale day again. I love a good deal as much as the next person, but I'm also not going to purchase $5 junk because it's on sale, knowing fully that it isn't made well. I am a savvy shopper and know what products are worth taking a calculated risk on skimping with, and those that are worth spending a bit more to save myself future headaches.

     I am reaching out to those people that don't simply want a snapshot to mail out to grandparents. I want to spend my time working with people that are looking for something special that they can share, that they will always treasure and display. You are my people! This is simply my coming to grips with the fact that while I did alright in the past and enjoyed my time; it was not profitable and therefore not actually a business--or at least not a good one. I will be successful, I simply had to change the way I approached my business model.

     I have taken a great deal of time off this year in order to re-vamp, revise and re-brand. I have a much better understanding of what it is that I want to shoot. I am no longer afraid to say no, or recommend someone else if it is not something that I am going to find fulfilling. I am dedicating myself to the customer experience from start to finish. I am ready to learn and grow from an economic standpoint. I am ready and willing to share my talents with those that are appreciative.

     I could not be more excited about what I have to offer! By introducing the Bella Luxe Experience I am truly opening up my heart to the ladies that are so deserving of a time to celebrate themselves. I adore working with families, children, babies, seniors, etc. BUT this genre reaches out to those that are often the unsung heroes that come last in the long list of priorities.

     I am so honored whenever I am chosen to be your photographer. I know that there are many choices out there, and quite a few are 'bargains' in comparison. But, every time I earn a repeat customer my heart rejoices because someone is choosing my talent, my personality and my art. It is a beautiful thing to be someone's choice. I work my heart out to keep that privilege.I am excited to work with YOU. Let's make it happen!

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